mRNA Lightning Software

Anima’s mRNA Lightning Software is the front-end interface to our end-to-end drug discovery platform, uniquely positioned at the intersection of mRNA Biology and AI. Its scalable architecture can accommodate any number of projects and billions of images, seamlessly integrating all our platform components for comprehensive visualization and decoding of the mRNA biology underlying a disease.


Leveraging the capabilities of our tera-scale mRNA biology lab combined with the efficiency of our screen-to-cloud architecture, we generate billions of mRNA biology visualizations. These are instantly uploaded to the cloud for in-depth analysis. From this vast collection, we train our neural networks in disease-specific mRNA image analysis, focusing on distinguishing between healthy and diseased cells. Once a disease signature is identified, we move to high-content screening, evaluating the effects of hundreds of thousands of compounds on the mRNA disease signature. Our neural network then performs hit identification analysis, pinpointing the compounds that move the disease signature back to a healthy state.


The Lightning-MOAi module stands as a central element of the Lightning software platform, dedicated to the AI-driven elucidation of the mechanism of action (MOA). Through Lightning-MOAi, we not only identify but also validate novel MOA and targets. At the heart of our approach is our large language model (LLM),with its knowledge graph, enriched with vast data spanning mRNA biology, regulatory pathways, and experimental outcomes coming from dozens of mRNA MOA assays performed in our mRNA biology lab. The Co-Pilot, our AI-driven assistant biologist, serves as the primary interface to interact with the LLM, offering scientists immediate insights and recommendations for MOA and potential targets. Upon request, the co-pilot generates knowledge graphs that consolidate the LLM data and offer visualizations of mRNA biology knowledge to the user.