c-Myc translation inhibitors

Indication Target
IND enabling
c-Myc tumors c-Myc  
Area Indication mRNA modulation  
IND enabling
Oncology c-Myc tumors c-Myc  

Anima’s lead oncology program is targeting one of the most undruggable proteins of all times: c-Myc, a major oncogene that acts as a transcription factor.

Using our platform, we discovered and validated highly selective c-Myc translation inhibitors. Our compounds act on a wide range of c-Myc addicted tumors without affecting healthy cells.

  • High throughput screening using Anima’s proprietary platform
    Three chemically diverse series identified
  • Dose-response activity shown with activity at the nM levels in cell-based assays
    Compounds demonstrate selectivity toward c-Myc addicted tumors
    - Do not affect global translation
    - Do not affect other c-Myc family members
    - Lethal to cancer cells but without affecting healthy cells
  • Compounds optimization
    Mode of action of translation modulation elucidated for the three series
    Molecular targets of the three series identified and confirmed to be part of the novel target space of mRNA translation regulation
  • Efficacy in Animal models
  • Candidate Selection
  • Next IND-enabling studies