Technologies developed to study mRNA life cycle

Recent progress in the development of high-content technologies for in-cell RNA visualization and imaging has revolutionized the exploration of mRNA biology and analysis of RNA-protein interactions. These technologies enable the investigation of complex cellular process networks through the selective localization and distribution of proteins and mRNAs between cell compartments, involving multiple regulators of translation such as RNA-binding proteins.

The following webinar features Dr. Iris Alroy, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Yoni Sheinberger, Head of Drug Discovery, both from Anima Biotech, a leading drug discovery platform company in the field of mRNA biology, and Dr. Amanda Garner, a world-renowned biologist, Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Director of the Interdepartmental Program in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Michigan. Our experts discuss the latest advancements in mRNA biology high-content technologies and their impact on drug discovery and research.


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