About Anima Biotech

Anima is a Tech.Bio company at the intersection of mRNA biology and AI. We are advancing the mRNA Lightning platform for the discovery of small molecule mRNA drugs and novel mRNA biology targets. Built from the ground up with over a decade of expertise in mRNA biology, the platform integrates mRNA biology with AI imaging technologies to visualize the entire life cycle of mRNA in cells and decode the mRNA biology underlying a disease. Utilizing millions of images from both healthy and diseased cells, we train disease-specific mRNA image analysis neural networks to recognize a disease signature, an mRNA biology pathway that underlies disease phenotype. Our tera-scale mRNA biology lab then conducts high content screening from our optimized library of mRNA modulators, sending the images to our mRNA image neural network to identify active compounds, the molecules that visually alter the mRNA biology signature. Our MOAi technology, the mRNA biology large language model and the Lightning co-pilot work along the process to elucidate the mechanisms of action and molecular targets.

Anima’s mRNA Lightning platform is validated by our strategic collaborations with Lilly, Takeda, and AbbVie across therapeutic areas and a pipeline of 20 drug discovery programs. With our deep expertise in mRNA biology, we were able to advance our programs at an unprecedented speed and success rate.

Anima's wholly-owned pipeline of mRNA biology modulators is in Immunology (Lung fibrosis lead compound advancing in preclinical stage), in Oncology (Solid tumors lead compounds entering preclinical stage and additional programs against Leukemia and Neuroblastoma), in Neuroscience (Alzheimer's disease and Pain).

Our science was further validated with seven patents, 15 peer-reviewed publications, and 17 scientific collaborations.