About Anima Biotech

We are advancing mRNA Lightning, a novel platform for the discovery of small molecule mRNA drugs and their mechanisms of action. Our differentiated approach combines high scale phenotypic screening that automates millions of experiments in live mRNA biology with MOAi technology using AI to elucidate the mechanism of action of active molecules.

This unparalleled level of automation of phenotypic screening of mRNA modulators together with our AI driven MOA elucidation enabled us to develop a broad pipeline across 20 different discovery programs in various therapeutic areas. With our deep expertise in mRNA biology, we were able to advance them at unprecedented speed and success rate.

Anima wholly owned pipeline programs are in Fibrosis (Collagen I mRNA biology modulators, preclinical stage in lung fibrosis and applicable across many fibrotic diseases), Oncology (c-Myc mRNA biology modulators and mutation agnostic mKras mRNA biology modulators), and Neuroscience (Tau - Alzheimer's disease and Pain - Nav1.7 mRNA biology modulators).

In addition to our own pipeline, we established strategic collaborations with Pharma in partnered programs including our collaborations with Lilly, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Abbvie.