About Anima Biotech

Anima Biotech is pioneering Translation Control Therapeutics, a new class of drugs that control protein translation. Our novel platform enables for the first time to visualize and specifically control the synthesis of target proteins. By targeting the proteins that specifically regulate the process of mRNA translation, we discover small molecules that either decrease or increase a target protein’s production, enabling a new strategy and new hope against hard and undruggable targets.

The core protein synthesis monitoring (PSM) technology was originally developed over 8 years in a close collaboration with the ribosome biochemistry lab at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). Over the years, we have built a network of 17 scientific collaborations, resulting in 14 peer-reviewed publications, 5 granted patents and 2 patents pending.

The platform was validated in house using internal pipeline programs in Fibrosis (inhibiting the synthesis of Collagen type I), Viral infections (Respiratory Syncytial Virus – interfering with viral protein synthesis), Oncology (C-Myc translation inhibitors) and Huntington’s disease (monitoring mutant Huntingtin translation pausing); in which molecules were discovered and are found at the hit to lead stage.