About Anima Biotech

Anima Biotech is pioneering Translation Control Therapeutics, a novel approach for the discovery of small molecules that selectively control mRNA translation as a new strategy against undruggable proteins.

Our platform addresses the widest range of diseases including where proteins are overexpressed, underexpressed or mutated.

With our proprietary technology that emits light pulses from ribosomes, we identify drug candidates that selectively decrease or increase the translation of proteins and elucidate their mechanism of action in a new target space.

Our pipeline includes programs in Fibrosis (tissue selective Collagen I translation inhibitors), Oncology (c-Myc translation inhibitors and K-Ras translation inhibitors), Infectious diseases (RSV viral proteins translation inhibitors) and Neuroscience (Tau translation inhibitors and Repeat Associated Diseases, against translation malfunctions in multiple neurological diseases).

In addition to our own pipeline, we established strategic collaborations with Pharma in partnered programs including our collaborations with Lilly and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) in Neuroscience. Our science was further validated with seven patents, 15 peer reviewed publications and 17 scientific collaborations.