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mRNA Lightning™ Platform Architecture

Anima’s mRNA Lightning platform is bringing AI to mRNA biology to advance the discovery of mRNA drugs, targets, and vaccines.

Our differentiated approach is based on breakthrough mRNA biology imaging technologies that visualize the biology of mRNA across its life cycle in cells. This technology is applicable across a wide spectrum of applications in mRNA biology.

Small molecule mRNA drugs

We have generated over 2 billion images of mRNA biology across various diseases and cell types and have trained AI mRNA image neural networks to visually recognize a disease’s mechanism, identifying the dysregulated pathway that underlies a disease’s phenotype, the “disease signature”.

Our massively parallel automated mRNA biology lab conducts millions of biology experiments that test hundreds of thousands of molecules, identifying active compounds that visually bring diseased cells back to their healthy state. Our MOAi technology uses the mRNA biology knowledge graph, a large language model (LLM), and the Lightning co-pilot to rapidly elucidate their mechanisms of action and molecular targets.

mRNA vaccines and RNA-based drugs

By using our high-content at high-throughput imaging technologies, we can also visualize and decode the biology of mRNA vaccines and RNA-based drugs in cells. We generate millions of images at a single cell level, capturing multiple mRNA biology events such as mRNA translation, localization, decay, protein expression, relevant machineries, or RNA-mediated stress responses among others. In each iteration, we test thousands of design variants across dozens of cell types, conditions, and delivery methods, visualizing mRNA biology in millions of images. The massively parallel architecture of our tera-scale lab runs this whole process. Then, the mRNA image neural network analyzes the “visual design signatures”, ranks variants, and drives the process forward to its next iteration for rapid visual optimization cycles, backed by detailed mRNA biology data.

The mRNA Lightning platform is fully accessible through a unified software interface, offering a scalable architecture, ease of use, and teamwork across biology, software, data analysis, and chemistry. The Lightning Software can accommodate any number of projects and billions of images, seamlessly integrating all our platform technologies for comprehensive visualization and decoding of mRNA biology.