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  • SACHS Associates 2018

    When: October 4th, 2018 to October 5th, 2018
    Where: Basel, Switzerland

    Anima Biotech will participate and present at the 18th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum. In Addition, Yochi Slonim, Anima Biotech co-founder & CEO, will co-chair the Platform Technologies & Novel Therapeutics Panel.
    The Sachs Forum is recognized as the leading international stage for those interested in investing and partnering in the biotech and life science industry.

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  • Anima Biotech announces an exclusive collaboration with Lilly for the discovery and development of translation inhibitors of several protein targets

    When: July 23rd, 2018

    Anima Biotech announced an agreement with Lilly for the discovery and development of translation inhibitors for several target proteins by using Anima’s Translation Control Therapeutics platform.
    The multi-year agreement is structured as an exclusive collaboration around several undisclosed Lilly targets. Anima will use its technology platform to discover lead candidates that are translation inhibitors of the Lilly targets. Lilly will be responsible for clinical development and commercialization of products resulting from the collaboration.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Anima will receive $30 million in upfront payments and $14 million in research funding. Anima is eligible to receive up to $1.05 billion if all future development and commercial milestones are achieved. Anima will additionally be entitled to low to mid single-digit tiered royalties on sales of any Lilly products resulting from the collaboration.

    “We are excited to collaborate with Lilly in the discovery of new drugs for some of the world’s most challenging diseases.  Small molecule drugs work by binding to disease-causing proteins to modify their chemical activity but most proteins lack accessible binding sites and as result, many diseases remain without effective treatments. Anima’s Translation Control Therapeutics platform is a new strategy against these undruggable target proteins. Rather than attempt to drug them after they are already made, we discover drugs that work one step before, by inhibiting (decreasing) or increasing the actual production by ribosomes of those proteins. This different approach is based on our novel science and patented technology and we believe it can lead to many new drugs” said Yochi Slonim, Anima Biotech’s co-founder and CEO.

    About Anima Biotech:
    Anima Biotech is pioneering Translation Control Therapeutics, a new class of drugs that specifically control protein translation as a novel strategy against hard and undruggable
    targets. Strategically structured for collaborations with multiple pharma partners, Anima's cloud based platform combines new biology with proprietary image analysis and high performance big data software. Its underlying technology is protected by 5 granted patents and its science is backed by 14 peer-reviewed publications that resulted from a network of 17 academic collaborations. The platform was validated by Anima's fast growing pipeline programs in multiple therapeutic areas including Fibrosis, Viral infections, Oncology and Neuroscience.

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  • International tRNA Conference 2018

    When: September 23rd, 2018 to September 27th, 2018
    Where: Strasbourg, France

    Anima Biotech will participate and present at the 27th International tRNA Conference “tRNA at the crossroad”.

    This event brings together researchers from around the world studying the many aspects of tRNA biology.

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    When: September 5th, 2018 to September 6th, 2018
    Where: Boston, USA

    Anima Biotech will participate and present at the 11th annual international partnering conference BIOPHARM AMERICA, part of BIOTECH WEEK BOSTON.

    The conference is dedicated to building strategic partnerships with the brightest minds in biotech, pharma, and finance.

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  • Translational Control 2018

    When: September 4th, 2018 to September 8th, 2018
    Where: Cold Spring Harbor, USA

    Anima Biotech will participate and present at the sixteenth conference on Translational Control to be held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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  • 2018 BIO International Convention

    When: June 4th, 2018 to June 7th, 2018
    Where: Boston, USA

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at the 2018 BIO International Convention.

    The conference is hosted by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization who represents over 1,100 biotech companies, academic institutions, state biotech centers and related organizations across the US and over 30 other nations.

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  • 2018 Biotech Investment Showcase

    When: May 22nd, 2018 to May 23rd, 2018
    Where: London, United Kingdom

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at the BIOTECH INVESTMENT SHOWCASE organized by the Oxford Global Conferences Ltd.

    The 2018 Biotech Investment showcase is the UK and Europe’s most focused and leading-edge funding, investment and partnering forum in the biotech sector, hosting over 200 attendees.

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  • BIOMED 2018

    When: May 15th, 2018 to May 17th, 2018
    Where: Tel-Aviv, Israel

    Anima Biotech has participated at the 17th MIXiii-BIOMED 2018 Conference and Exhibition.

    As the leading event of Israel’s life sciences industry, MIXiii-BIOMED has positioned itself throughout the years as the main annual meeting place for players of Israel’s healthcare industry with their colleagues from around the globe.

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  • Genesis Drug Discovery 2018

    When: May 10th, 2018 to May 11th, 2018
    Where: Barcelona, Spain

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at the 2nd annual Genesis Drug Discovery

    Genesis Drug Discovery (GDD) brings the most innovative event that aims to provide an open and stimulating scientific and cultural exchange that will give all the participants the opportunity to share their experiences, foster collaborations across industry and academia and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe.

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  • Labiotech: "Anima Biotech Targets Protein Translation to Fight Diseases"

    When: April 13th, 2018

    Anima Biotech was selected as the Biotech of the week by Labiotech, Europe’s Leading Biotech News Website.

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