Translation Control Therapeutics
Lighting up a novel target space
mRNA translation


Translation Control Therapeutics, a novel approach for the discovery of small molecules that selectively control mRNA translation as a new strategy against hard targets and undruggable proteins

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Small molecule drugs targeting novel proteins involved in the regulation of mRNA translation

The Selectivity of Translation Biology

Tissue specific regulation
Normal vs. cancer cells
Up or down regulated in pathological pathway
Sequence and structure

Our Approach

Cells control protein translation using multiple selective mechanisms, offering novel intervention points. Modulation of translation is therefore possible with highly selective drugs.

mRNA translation modulators
A novel target space

Ribosome accessory proteins
Epitranscriptomics (mRNA modifying proteins)
Splicing factors
Modifiers of ribosomal proteins (Kinases, methylases etc...)
tRNA abundance and control
RNA binding proteins

Selective translation modulators with novel mechanisms of action elucidated by Anima’s proprietary technologies

Translation Control Therapeutics platform

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Our proprietary platform controls mRNA Translation Biology

See the Light of Protein Translation

Anima’s science is using fluorescently labeled tRNA pairs to generate FRET signals, light pulses emitted from the ribosomes to visualize the translation of any protein of interest and identify selective translation modulators

mRNA Translation Modulators Pipeline

Our pipeline programs are in Fibrosis (Collagen type I translation inhibitors), Oncology (c-Myc translation inhibitors and K-Ras translation inhibitors), Neuroscience (mHTT translation inhibitors, expanded to a broader strategy against Repeat Associated Diseases) and Infectious diseases (RSV viral proteins translation inhibitors)

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Infectious diseases

Pharma Collaborations

Anima Biotech announces a strategic collaboration with Lilly for the discovery and development of translation inhibitors of several protein targets

$30 million in upfront payments, $14 million in research funding, up to $1.05 billion in milestones and low to mid single-digit tiered royalties on sales of any Lilly products resulting from the collaboration.

For partnering inquiries, please contact [email protected].

17 Scientific Collaborations

15 Peer Reviewed Publications


News & Events

  • DMCCB Basel Symposium 2021 on Targeting RNA by Small Molecules

    When: Feb. 4th, 2021

    Anima Biotech has been invited to present at the DMCCB Basel Symposium 2021 on Targeting RNA by Small Molecules online event. Iris Alroy, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development of Anima Biotech, will be giving a presentation, titled, “Targeting mRNA translation in drug discovery without ‘shooting the messenger’" followed by a short question and answer session.

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  • 7th Annual LSX World Congress

    When: Feb. 1st, 2021 - Feb. 5th, 2021

    Anima Biotech has been invited to participate in a panel discussion at the 7th Annual LSX World Congress. Yochi Slonim, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anima Biotech, will serve as an expert on a panel titled, “Early-Stage Partnering for Broad Platform Companies.” The panel will speak to the compelling scientific innovation and record-breaking IPOs and financings that have led to a resurgence in the appeal and valuations of broad platform biopharma companies and how platform companies can advance their portfolio development and partnering strategies to fulfill their promise and justify investor confidence.

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  • 3rd Annual RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Conference

    When: Dec. 8th, 2020 - Dec. 10th, 2020

    Anima Biotech has been invited to present and participate in multiple sessions during the 3rd Annual RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Conference, between Dec. 8-10, 2020. Yochi Slonim, Co-founder and CEO of Anima Biotech, will be giving a presentation, titled, “Translation Control Therapeutics: Discovery of Selective mRNA Translation Modulators,” and will also serve on an expert panel, titled, “From Theory to Reality: How to Target RNA Biology with Small Molecule Approaches.” Iris Alroy, VP of R&D, will also participate in an expert Q&A session.

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