Engage with the latest research in mRNA Regulation through science-driven webinars given by distinguished experts within the field of mRNA Biology.

Partnered with leading life science media outlets, the LightON mRNA | mRNA Biology Masterclass has become a central forum for over 5,000 industry and academic experts presenting the latest advances in mRNA biology and its applications to drug discovery.

The masterclass series aims to bridge the gap in mRNA biology by providing a platform to the experts who have advanced the study of mRNA research through the use of artificial intelligence technologies, high-throughput screening, and high-content imaging among other cutting-edge drug discovery methods.

The webinar topics span the complex and dynamic world of mRNA regulation, with a focus on targeting regulatory events such as splicing, nuclear export, intracellular localization, degradation, stabilization, and translation to uncover the mechanisms within cell biology that serve to advance disease understanding and future therapeutics.

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