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  • SACHS Associates 2017

    When: Mar. 6th, 2017 to Mar. 7th, 2017
    Where: Zurich, Switzerland

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at SACHS Associates 2017.

    The 10th Annual ELSCEO Forum & Exhibition, is being held on 6th-7th March 2017 at the Hilton Zurich Airport Hotel, Switzerland. This event will be highly transactional, bringing together an exciting cross-section of venture-funded and small-cap companies with leading investors, pharmas, and scientific thought leaders. We expect over 350 delegates and 70+ presenting companies. Event's networking will be powered by online One-2-One meeting system and dedicated meeting facilities to make the event more transactional and productive.


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  • Biotech and Money 2017

    When: Feb. 7th, 2017 to Feb. 8th, 2017
    Where: London, United Kingdom

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at the Biotech and Money 2017.

    The 3rd annual Biotech and Money is a high-calibre, senior Executive, three-day conference and partnering event providing the education, strategies, solutions and contacts that life science companies need to enable more effective investment, business planning and partnering within their businesses.

  • Biotech Showcase 2017

    When: Jan. 9th, 2017 to Jan. 11th, 2017
    Where: San Francisco, USA

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at the Biotech Showcase 2017, in San Francisco.

    The investor and networking conference for public and private biotech companies to meet with and present to investors and pharmaceutical executives during the course of the healthcare industry's most important week of the year.

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  • Biotech and Money INV€$TIVAL SHOWCASE 2016

    When: Nov. 18th, 2016
    Where: London, United Kingdom

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at Biotech and Money Investival Showcase 2016.

    Biotech and Money connects corporates to capital and has partnered with Jefferies for Inv€$tival to showcase the latest investable private and public life science opportunities.


  • 2016 Jefferies Global Healthcare

    When: Nov. 16th, 2016 to Nov. 17th, 2016
    Where: London, United Kingdom

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at Jefferies Global Healthcare 2016.

    The Jefferies Conference is the largest healthcare-dedicated conference in Europe. This year, we hosted 350 participating companies, 1,400 attendees and 3,400 investor and business-to-business meetings. The event featured leading public and private companies from the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, generics, consumer health, animal health, medical technology and healthcare services sectors from the United States, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Russia, India, Israel, China and Japan.

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  • BIO-Europe 2016

    When: Nov. 7th, 2016 to Nov. 9th, 2016
    Where: Cologne, Germany

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at BIO-Europe 2016.

    The 22nd annual BIO-Europe® event is the largest biotechnology partnering conference held in Europe. Over 3,800 global decision makers from biotechnology, pharma and finance annually attend BIO-Europe to identify new business opportunities and develop strategic relationships. Business development executives and dealmakers consider BIO-Europe a must-attend event and an effective business strategy enabling them to meet and present to numerous potential partners.

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  • SACH Associates 2016

    When: Sep. 27th, 2016 to Sep. 28th, 2016
    Where: Basel, Switzerland

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at SACH Associate 2016.

    The 16th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum is recognised as the leading international stage for those interested in investing and partnering in the biotech and life science industry. This highly transactional event draws together an exciting cross-section of early-stage/pre-IPO, late-stage and public companies with leading investors, analysts, money managers and pharma licensing executives. Supported and designed by leading figures within Europe’s pharmaceutical and biotech industry, this event will once again be covered by our regular media partners. 

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  • China-Israel Investment Summit 2016

    When: Sep. 24th, 2016 to Sep. 26th, 2016
    Where: Tel-Aviv, Israel

    Anima Biotech has participated and presented at the China-Israel Investment Summit 2016.

    The China-Israel Investment Summit is an initiative of Innovation - a leading cross-border platform operating within the China-Israel sphere. Innovation's methodology-based platform specializes in creating partnerships between Israeli and Chinese entities that generate new business opportunities and optimize cross-border success 100X, through a number of tools and resources

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  • Ribosome structure and function 2016

    When: Jul. 6th, 2016
    Where: Strasbourg, France

    Anima has participated and presented at the Ribosome conference 2016.

    In addition to presenting state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to dissect ribosome function, the EMBO Conference provides an up-to-date overview of ribosome structure and function as well as providing an opportunity for students, junior and senior researchers to meet, share new ideas and discuss the future directions of this active field.

  • Citech Seminar Series – Institut Pasteur: “ Reading the ribosome: monitoring translation in living cells with Anima’s PSM technology”

    When: Feb. 18th, 2016
    Where: Paris, France

    Iris Alroy, Anima’s VP R&D and Zeev Smilansky, Anima’s co-founder, have been invited to present Anima’s PSM technology at the Pasteur Institute, as part of the Citech Seminar Series.