Iris Alroy PhD., Co-founder & CSO

Iris Alroy
mRNA biology

Dr. Iris Alroy has broad background and more than 20 years of experience in small molecule drug discovery, preclinical development, and development of IND-enabling studies. Dr. Alroy was VP of Discovery at Proteologics, where she established several research programs for the identification of small molecules inhibiting the activity of E3 ubiquitin ligases in HIV-1 and Cancer. Subsequently, she was VP R&D at Pharmos Corp., in which she managed organic and medicinal chemistry, biology and pharmacology groups. Under her guidance efficacy animal models were set up, validated and used for testing lead molecules in pain and inflammation up to Phase I study in inflammatory pain.

Dr. Alroy was entrepreneur and CEO of startup biotech companies, Fusimab, Ltd., ProMining Therapeutics Ltd., developing bispecific antibodies and small molecules, respectively. Dr. Alroy successfully managed drug discovery and development projects (e.g. staffing, patent protections, budget), collaborated with researchers in academia and large pharmaceutical companies, and produced peer-reviewed publications.