Yossi Oulu M.Sc., Vice President, Software Development

Yossi Oulu

Mr. Oulu is a software executive, possessing over two decades of extensive experience in the initiation, design, development, and management of sophisticated software products. Prior to joining Anima, he held multiple executive roles at Mercury Interactive, where he was the mind behind the success of the LoadRunner product suite becoming the industry standard with revenues exceeding $1 billion a year.

Joining Anima, over seven years ago, Mr. Oulu is continuously building and evolving the mRNA Lightning Software Platform. This revolutionary platform is built around cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence functionalities developed in Anima encompassing the area of digital imaging, Neural networks, Knowledge Graphs, and LLM.

Mr. Oulu holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science degree in Brain Research. His extensive expertise and visionary leadership continue to be invaluable assets for Anima.