Our Approach

Anima’s unique approach in RNA Targeted Therapeutics

Protein dysfunction and dysregulation are major drivers that underlie the majority of human diseases. Despite significant advances in the basic understanding of mechanisms that drive diseases, many proteins are still considered to be “hard” or “undruggable” targets.

Recent small molecule approaches have involved developing drugs that directly target mRNA; however, these methods are still in early stages of development and their drug-likeness, safety and effectiveness remain unclear. Additionally, it is known that cells control protein translation in a highly selective manner at the tissue, cell, pathway or mRNA level. This selectivity of translation biology underlies Anima’s unique approach.

By targeting the cellular mechanisms that regulate mRNA translation, we can discover highly selective drugs against a broad range of challenging and seemingly undruggable targets. We have already developed a well-established pipeline of promising candidates across a range of diseases.

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